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Gibraltar, colloquially known as The Rock, (or simply ’Gib’), is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom . It sits at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, and is bordered by Spain to the north.

Gibraltar is a unique place for the curious traveler. Take time to explore the caves and tunnels especially those not meant for tourists! The inside of the rock is an absolute labyrinth with secret internal roads and tunnels four times longer than those on the surface. Military presence and security in this otherwise deserted area is strong but almost invisible.

Gibraltar is less than 7 square kilometres, so most of it can be seen on foot. Apart from the main Tax-Free shopping, the main sightseeing is the Europa Point where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean and from which the coast of Africa can be seen, the Upper Rock military installation and nature reserve where the famous monkeys live (Barbary Macaques), Dolphin Watching and The Mediterranian Steps for those not afraid of walking (and with a head for heights), this is a walk that starts at Jew’s Gate bird observatory (at the end of Engineer Road) and winds its way up the east side of the rock to the top.

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